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Often used to boost in Traditional Chinese Medicine for those who are struggling with low Qi, coldness and a. Henna, ginseng, wheat oil, soy bean, vitamins extracts for colorants & nutrients Unlike most hair color products use a chemically corrosive, “ paint- style” coverage process that damages the hair, Natural Mi Ya uses herbal extracts from Henna, Ginseng, Wheat Oil, Soy Beans and Vitamins to dye, and soothe, nourish, hydrate the hair. This set of Jovees products contains all the essential treatments to aid in thinning hair. It shall also help in improving the texture of the hair. Asian Ginseng: panax ginseng, also known as red ginseng and Korean ginseng, is the classic and original that has been renown for thousands of years. Henna spinării ginseng. The Henna and Ginseng Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is an intensive hair growth treatment formula and can be used on all. Henna ( Arabic: حِ نَ ّ اء ‎ ) is a dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis, also known as hina, the henna tree, the mignonette tree, and the Egyptian privet, the sole species of the genus Lawsonia. This Shampoo is nourishing and cleansing. Featuring ingredients such as henna, ginseng and capsicum, all known to have a part in treating alopecia. Henna ( lawson inermis linn) naturally contains red pigment and dyes hair or skin. Henna & Ginseng Anti Hair Loss Shampoo aid in controlling hair loss, provide nutrition and strengthen hair shaft.
When combined with indigo powder ( indigofera tinctoria) which contains blue color pigment, it provides light brown, medium brown, dark brown and jet black shades for hair.

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